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Most Users Ever Online Is 70 On May 24, 2013 @ 7:55 pm is a non-profit fansite created by fans in dedication to Rihanna. All the information we post here were found online or sent to us by our visitors. We do not claim any rights towards any photos posted here. We are not connected to Rihanna, her label Def Jam or Roc Nation. This website is created to support Rihanna and we hope to share our admiration with her other fans from all around the world. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us! We are unable however to pass your message to Rihanna.

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Type: Album
Released: November 19, 2012
label: Island Def Jam
Genre: Pop, EDM, dubstep

Nude Fragrance
Type: Women's Fragrance
Released: November 23, 2012
label: Parlux Fragances
Predecessor: Rebelle

Styled To Rock
Type: Television Show
Released: To Be Announced
Running time: 42 minutes
Original channel: Style Network

This Is The End
Type: Movie
Released: June 14, 2013
Language: English
Role: Herself (Cameo)

June 15 | London, United Kingdom
June 16 | London, United Kingdom
June 17 | Birmingham, United Kingdom
June 20 | Sunderland, United Kingdom
June 21 | Dublin, Ireland
June 23 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 24 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 26 | Cologne, Germany
June 27 | Cologne, Germany
June 29 | Zurich, Switzerland
June 30 | Zurich, Switzerland
July 02 | Berlin, Germany
July 03 | Hannover, Germany
July 0x | Roskilde, Denmark
July 07 | Gdynia, Poland
July 09 | Vienna, Austria
July 13 | Balado, Scotland
July 15 | Manchester, United Kingdom
July 16 | Manchester, United Kingdom
July 18 | Birmingham, United Kingdom
July 20 | Lille, France
July 22 | Stockholm, Sweden
July 25 | Oslo, Norway
July 26 | Bergen, Norway
July 28 | Helsinki, Finland
Sept 24 | Perth, Australia
Sept 26 | Adelaide, Australia
Sept 28 | Brisbane, Australia
Sept 30 | Melbourne, Australia
Oct 03 | Sydney, Australia
Oct 06 | Auckland, New Zealand
Oct 13 | Johannesburg, SA, FNB Stadium
Oct 16 | Cape Town, SA, Cape Town Stadium
Oct 19 | du Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi Nov 11 | Dallas, TX Nov 14 | Houston, TX More dates expected to be announced soon.

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Watch Rihanna as she walks us through her highly anticipated Autumn collection. Get a sneak peek at the new Rihanna for River Island range, and see how Rihanna’s sketches have developed from the drawing board to River Island stores.

To see the latest news from Rihanna’s collection for River Island, visit or search ‘Rihanna for River Island’.

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Rihanna gave an amazing show at the Heineken Open’er Festival in Gdynia, Poland. Our friend Natalie from RihannaDaily attended the show! Check out some photos in our gallery.


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Rihanna is in Poland to perform at the Open’er Festival. She was spotted arriving at her hotel on July 06, and relaxing at a beach on July 07 (yesterday!). Check out some beautiful photos in our gallery.

Arriving at her hotel


Relaxing on the beach


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Last night (July 05), Rihanna performed in front of 70.000 people at Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

On July 06, she will perform at Heineken Open’er Festival in Gdynia, Poland.


6593611-roskildefestival2013.jpg 6593739-roskildefestival2013.jpg 6593707-roskildefestival2013.jpg 6593704-roskildefestival2013.jpg


017f683ee5be11e2a74122000aeb10b1_7.jpg b53572f2e5b811e2b47822000a9e06e6_7.jpg 5cff19f2e5be11e2a7ed22000a1f8f24_7.jpg f4b814d6e5b611e282a322000a1f9709_7.jpg

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On July 04, Rihanna and her friends (Melissa Forde, Jennifer Rosales, Yusef Williams, and Evan Rogers) visited Tivoli garden park in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was wearing an oversized crew neck from Adidas, Air Jordan sneakers and a Bandana around her hair with her Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. Check out the amazing pictures in our gallery:

Rihanna_i_Tivoli_765725a.jpg Rihanna_i_Tivoli_765727a.jpg Rihanna_i_Tivoli_765729a.jpg Rihanna_i_Tivoli_765731a.jpg

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Superstar Rihanna headlines the main stage at T in the Park and highlights from her set are introduced by Greg James and Sarah-Jane Crawford. Before that, to help celebrate the 20th T in the Park on the middle night is international DJ and local boy Calvin Harris.

The show will be broadcast exclusively on BBC Three on Sat 13 Jul 2013 at 10pm UK time.


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Both “You Da One” and “Umbrella” reached 100 million views on VEVO which makes them #VEVOcertified. Rihanna has now 15 videos with over 100 million views, the most by any artist.

Rihanna also reached 9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, which makes her the artist with the most subscribers. She is also the artist with the most views (3,836,645,422 total views).

“Take A Bow” reached 98 million views yesterday, it only needs 2 million views to be #VEVOcertified. Go watch it here.

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Last night (July 03), Rihanna performed at TUI arena in front of 11.000 people, and Tomorrow, she’s going to perform in Danemark at Roskilde Festival. Check out the amazing photos in our gallery


121C618F-C071-4DCD-897F-49FCBDCF1B8C.jpg 1FA69ADF-231F-4559-9975-935BF95E7ED6.jpg 2706AC19-D266-4513-98CB-74B152557BED.jpg 4DC0FEB6-07AB-41C5-9E75-6B7C343FCB3E.jpg


0c9ae41ae41e11e29d1722000aaa07c6_7.jpg 4ba92448e43511e2816122000a1fbf6a_7.jpg 4257e248e42711e2b05122000a1f92cb_7.jpg f6938bfae43511e2a1c022000a1fb718_7.jpg

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Rihanna gave a great show in Berlin last night. Check out the photos in our gallery.


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After keeping the previous theme for a long time, I decided to get something new and less dark for our gallery. I was waiting, for some great pictures to come out and it did yesterday, when Rihanna attended the Paris Fashion Week. The pictures were so damn beautiful, I just could not resist making a theme at the moment I saw them.

Check out the new theme here and let me know what you think of it.

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